Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Wellness

Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Wellness



Beginner's Guide To Fitness & Wellness


Fitness means different things to different people. For some, it’s about losing weight and for some about gaining muscles. Depending on your definition of fitness and interests, there are different activities you can participate in to achieve your goals. For gaining muscles you might join cross-fitting or kickboxing. For flexibility, you may want to join yoga. What you need is the right guidance. 


We are here to give you an informative guide about what is fitness, where and how to start with it. We, humans, have different bodies and each body requires a different kind of attention. You cannot follow just any training program. These fitness programs instead should be based on your body type, your interests, your eating habits, and your end goal. And before you proceed, just remember that a huge part of having a healthy and fit body comes from your mental health. So, enjoying every part of this trip is important. 



Defining Fitness


  • Fitness is not about sporting six-pack abs or having chiseled muscles. Instead, it’s about increasing longevity. 
  • Your muscles corrode as you grow older. Maintaining fitness means enhancing these muscles and delaying the corrosion as long as possible.  
  • Fitness is becoming better than you are right now. You need realistic objectives when it comes to setting fitness goals. 
  • Fitness is taking care of your physical as well as mental health. 
  • You can’t set unrealistic objectives like having the same body like your favorite actor in a few weeks. It’s absurd to have that kind of expectation especially when you are just starting with fitness programs. 

It messes up with your mental health. And here’s a tip – fitness should include both your physical as well as mental health. Many people drop out of the said programs because they are unable to meet these targets and are left feeling irritated. Your sole focus should be on having a body fitter than its present state. 


Five Aspects Of Fitness


You need to measure fitness to know if you are improving. You won’t feel changes in your body immediately and the following five aspects can help you view the changes –

  • Muscular Endurance - Knowing how long your muscles can work, 
  • Muscular Strength - Knowing how hard your muscles can work,
  • Cardiovascular Endurance - Ability of the heart and lungs to pump oxygen to other body parts during physical exercise,
  • Body Aesthetics - It’s improving body on the outer, and
  • Flexibility - Stretching and bending your body without any strain. 

Any fitness program you decide on for yourself should be focused on improving these five aspects. But here’s the thing – sometimes you need to improve on one aspect more than the other. 

An ideal fitness program would be focused on one or a combination of these five aspects based on your needs. You need the right balance of all these features.




Learn About Your Body


  • You need to understand your body to know what aspect to improve on. Don’t worry, you don’t have to study biology again. You just need to know what position your body is in. 
  • It includes knowing the body fat percentage of your body. Be it a thin person or a fat person, we all have some body fat. 
  • Also, things like BMI index, injuries you have endured and how they have affected your body, and knowing what diseases you have. Obesity and malnutrition also count as diseases. 



An Asthma patient with the same body type as yours will have a different training program to accommodate his condition. If you want to enhance your body, listening to it should always be your main priority. 



  • You need to know when your body needs rest and when it needs a thorough workout. 
  • You can even consult a professional to learn more about your body. Just remember that the goal is to get better. 
  • You want to improve whatever you are missing in terms of the five aspects we discussed above. Someone who can lift 100 kilograms of weight but can’t run 1 kilometer cannot be considered fit. 

The right approach is to improve yourself in all these areas. A fat person would focus more on enhancing his body aesthetics. In such a case, weight-lifting might prove more beneficial as it helps in burning body fat. If you are working on your flexibility – mobility drills should be dominant in your training program. 


What Is A Fitness Program?


You may have heard your gym-going friends throwing fancy words at you. Many of them seem scary fitness regimes. You will get there eventually. But as a beginner, you want to understand what a fitness program is.

    • A fitness program is a set routine of exercises. Say, you are doing yoga. A fitness program in yoga means a series of poses that you practice every day.
    • A training routine helps get you consistency and get your muscles used to physical workouts. 
    • It gets you used to all the new physical strain your body is experiencing. And hey, you want to take it slow as overexertion can mess up your routine. 


A fitness program depends on the activity you enroll in. Some of the most common ones are –


  • Gym - you should go for it if working machinery and a hard workout is your thing.
  • Dancing - there is no better mixture of creativity and fitness activity. 
  • Swimming - a workout without having to sweat, it gives a complete body workout. 
  • Aerobics - one of the best activities to begin a fitness journey with.
  • Athletics - it is simply running, you don’t need any machines or costumes. 
  • Yoga - Yoga is great to improve not just your physical aspects but it also has a spiritual part to it which can help you build your mental health.  
  • Zumba - a great mix of aerobics and dancing.
  • Surfing - you get to enjoy waves, do I need to say more?
  • Boxing - fighting in a ring, it’s a great way to blow off steam and get a good workout. 


We can go on and on but eventually, it comes down to your interests.   




External Parameters You Should Know



There are external parameters which you should keep in mind while selecting a fitness program for yourself –

  • Mental health – getting involved in a competitive sport is not everyone’s cup of tea. You should know about your mental health. Sometimes, running around a park might be more suitable than wrestling, which can get more stressful.  
  • Eating habits – a balanced diet is a big part of maintaining fitness. You should know what kind of food you should eat. For example, protein becomes a very important part of your diet once you start with a gym. You need to take a protein-rich diet in such a case. 
  • Past injuries and diseases – you should know your injuries and diseases so that you don’t strain yourself. You can choose the right exercises when you know how much your body can take. 


Enjoy this journey

Fitness is a journey with no end destination. There is always room for improvement. You may have been the guy with the right weight and height, but you will soon figure out that there is more to fitness than that.  In the end, we will close this discussion reminding you that you need to listen to your body. Don’t forget to rest as and when your body demands it. Give time to your body to adjust to the sudden new changes. Also, focus on your diet – take a proper and balanced diet – as your body will need nutrition with all the sweating and enhancing you will be doing now. 


What are you waiting for? Get up, and begin your fitness journey today!