Title Description Apply To
Store Manager
Key Responsibilities
  • Managing store inventory, making sure that the store is well stocked with each and every product at all times.
  • Preparing Cash projections for senior staff and handle the money flow in the store.
  • Maintaining great customer relations and service standards.
  • Keeping and managing all financial, statistical and sales records.
  • Taking care of maintenance, insurance, repairs, and cleaning.
  • Customer Satisfaction, making sure that the customer’s demands are met at all times.
  • Driving marketing initiatives and promoting the store by coordinating various marketing campaigns.
  • Overlook and manage the day to day activities of the store.
Required Skills
  • Leadership qualities are a must, the store manager should be able to lead his team and run the store smoothly.
  • I should be proficient in written and spoken English and has great communication skills.
  • Management skills are a must, should be able to manage every aspect of running the skills, from inventory to sales
    to money should be able to handle everything.
  • Time management skills are a must and the candidate must be punctual.
  • Prior experience of running a store is a must.
  • The candidate must be analytical and meticulous.
  • Should be able to work in and manage a fast-paced environment.
  • The candidate must be able to make a strategy and implement it.
Title Description Apply To
Sales Executive
Key Responsibilities
  • Build Customer relationships at all levels, to support, renew and further improve customer relations.
  • Develop and execute various sales plan to achieve various targets.
  • Review the market, and determine what the customer needs, price schedules and discount rates.
  • Prepare reports of sales volume, potential sales and keep an eye on areas where sales can be increased.
  • Contacting potential customers and achieve monthly targets.
  • Apply standard and cutting edge techniques to identify drivers of a business metric.
  • Onboarding of new techniques and help in improving our existing techniques and keep customers engaged.          
Required Skills
  • Candidate should have experience in sales and customer service.
  • Should have excellent communication skills and be proficient in Hindi and English.
  • We should have a vision and be experienced in B2B sales.
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced and agile environment.
  • Must have the ability to generate new sales, bring new ideas and have the ability to find and close deals.
  • Should be proficient in developing sales report and analytics.
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