Protein Planet believes in keeping the supply chain transparent. This helps in making sure that the products that our end customers get are genuine and do not contain any harmful substances. We are committed to deliver 100% authenticity and take rightful measures as well. Right from inventory check at regular intervals, a series of quality control measures, to choosing industry experts to be a part of our team; we are committed and here to be a part of your lifestyle.

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WHY Protein Planet

Every core team member has taken essential steps to ensure that the products that we make live at our website are ethically sourced and have no artificial or fake ingredients.

Most people abstain from using protein shakes, supplements etc, because of their authenticity, There are a ton of places online and offline which sell such products. Most of these places sell products that are harmful to your body or just don't help in any way. At protein planet we provide you with products which are authentic and actually work, no artificial ingredients are used in making up our product. Nobody wants to put artificial stuff in their body, but the scarcity of authentic products have made it impossible.

At protein planet it is our utmost priority to make sure that our products are made of natural ingredients and do no harm to anyone, We have them tested at regular intervals and want our customers to get a 100% genuine product.

Know if your product is authentic

You can verify the authenticity of the products by going through the following steps

  • Put the unique code of the product:
  • Enter Phone no:
  • Enter Email id:
  • Click Submit:

Instantly, verification is done. If you found the product then Yes, Product is Authentic or if No, means NO Product Found


Protein Planet is a one-stop destination to buy the best protein supplements online. We pride ourselves in having the best of knowledge and an inventory of ethically sourced genuine products.

There is a difference between being healthy and being fit. Being healthy is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Some people choose a more advanced path and find methods like progressive resistance exercise to control and develop one's musculature for aesthetic purposes.

This is where we come in. Protein Planet is a brand for those people who are interested in boosting up their health through vitamin supplements and those gym freaks who want to boost up their fitness routine. We know the importance of consuming the right and genuine supplements be it post-workout or pre-workout. Our products undergo numerous quality checks to make sure the supplements are of the best quality and authentic. With the supplement market being so diluted nowadays, the awareness for right and authentic products is on the rise. PROTEIN PLANET makes sure that the customers get the best quality at worthy prices along with dedicated after-sales support.

We want to be a part of your lifestyle and help you become your best self. Protein Planet strives to be the best website in India to buy proteins. Come and be a part of our journey. You are just one click away with great steroid-free products.


We have a 21 days return policy in case of any unsatisfactory experience. You can get in touch with our dedicated team by reaching out to us on +91

Know If Your Product Is Authentic!

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Look for UNIQUE CODE under the cap or watch how to authenticate a Proteinplanet Product





There are a ton of potentially harmful supplements out there, these products are a mixture of potentially harmful chemical and dangerous ingredients, these high risk ingredients are not listed on the label. These sort of cheap supplements might lead to increased risk of heart problems, strokes, cancer, lungs and kidney diseases among many others. We at protein planet are deeply against such products and sell only high quality authentic products.


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